Transit Projects and Studies

Transit Projects and Studies

Welcome to the Transit Projects and Studies portion of RTAMS. The RTA leads and participates in a wide variety of transit planning activities in support of the ON TO 2050 Regional Comprehensive Plan developed by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and Invest in Transit, the 2018-2023 Regional Transit Strategic Plan developed by the RTA and the Service Boards. Links to many of the RTA’s other completed studies and projects can be found by searching the Digital Document Library section of RTAMS. The Transit Projects and Studies portion of RTAMS focuses on several key RTA activities including the five-year regional Capital Program, RTA Project Management Oversight (PMO) program, RTA funding programs, and the Regional Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Implementation Program.

Transit Capital Projects

The following links will take you to more information about the current regional 5-Year Capital Program of projects. By state statute, the RTA Capital Program consists of projects programmed to be undertaken by the CTA, Metra, and Pace for the current five-year period and is adopted by the RTA Board annually. For all projects in the program, funding information is provided for each of the five years as well as the description and location of the project. Please note that the projects shown here either 1) have begun implementation but need additional funding to continue, 2) have funding secured but may not have begun implementation, or 3) are programmed but may not have secured funding as of yet.

The following link provides information on projects that are part of the RTA's PMO program. It includes detailed implementation information for projects funded with state funding or with budgets over $10 million. Implementation information includes the project description, overall status of the project, project funding, and impacted political jurisdictions. Note, the list of projects is a subset of the projects in the Capital Program that are supported with state funds or with budgets over $10 million.

RTA Funding Programs

The RTA supports planning, capital, and operating projects sponsored by transit providers, local governments, and other agencies through a variety of technical assistance activities and funding. More than 220 grant recipients have benefited from RTA programs. The links below include more data and information about specific planning programs and studies that have been funded by the RTA over time.

Regional Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Implementation Program

The RTA is providing funding and program management services for a comprehensive effort known as the Regional Transit Signal Priority Implementation Program to reduce bus delays at traffic signals and improve bus service reliability.